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Kenya Open Again for Global Travelers

African Tourism Revival

Kenya Open Again for Global Travelers

Passengers arriving on international flights into Kenya must show a negative COVID-19 certificate on arrival obtained no later than 96 hours prior to departure from their home country. Body temperatures must test below 37.5°C (99.5°F) and visitors must have no persistent cough, no difficulty breathing, and no other flu-like symptoms.

All arriving passengers on international flights whose body temperature is NOT above 37.5 degrees C (99.5 degrees F); do NOT have a persistent cough, difficult in breathing or other flu-like symptoms; have negative PCR based COVID-19 test carried out within 96 hours before travel and are from countries considered low to medium risk COVID-19 transmission areas shall be exempt from quarantine.

List of countries identified from which travelers will be exempt from quarantine include:

South Korea

Additional countries identified following further review and consultation between the Cabinet Secretaries responsible for Transport, Health and Tourism:

The United States of America (except for California, Florida and Texas)
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

Review of countries from which travelers will not be required to be quarantined upon arrival will be undertaken by the Ministry of Health on a day-to-day basis.

If there is a reported case of COVID-19 on a flight or if the above symptoms are detected, all passengers within two rows of the passenger with the symptoms will be quarantined for testing. If the test results are negative, they will be allowed to leave the facility.

It is mandatory for all passengers arriving in Kenya to complete the Travelers Health Surveillance Form by the Ministry of Health. The form must be completed online prior to disembarkation. Passengers will receive a QR code after completing the form and will be required to display it to a Port Health Official to proceed through immigration.

On July 6, 2020, the Kenyan government announced that local air travel will resume operations from July 15, 2020 and that international travel will resume from August 1, 2020. Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife has implemented a reduction in park entry fees from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

Kenya government is steadfast that strict infection prevention and control measures have to be followed: social distancing, good hand hygiene, and the wearing of masks remain mandatory.

Kenya Airways resumed international flights from 1 August 2020. The airline’s COVID-19 certificate validity for all inbound flights to Kenya is 96 hours. For outbound flights from Kenya, a COVID-19 certificate is not required unless your country of transit or destination requires one. All passengers aboard any Emirates flight require a negative COVID-19 certificate, obtained no later than 96 hours prior to flight departure.